Try tantra


You can choose from few erotic massage prague in our salon. And if you don´t want only something poor and classic, you can try for example tantra, because it is about great touches, but not only by hands and fingers. Your masseuse will touch you by feather, warm towels or different small things that are really nice and your skin will feel relaxation. It is also about touching erogenous zones, she can touch also your intimate parties, so you will feel something great like never before. Trust us, it is possible to feel something like ecstasy without sex, you can feel orgasm without sex.

Tantric course

If you would like to learn something about tantra, we have special course for you. We offer you nice place that is good for relaxation, with nice music and with candle light. We will learn you, how to use massage oils. There will be experienced instructor, who will show you everything about ritual and he will explain, how it works with men and women. He will tell you right advance, because it is needn´t let body first relax with towels and then start with massage. And there will be lots of other methods that you can use. Don´t hesitate, it is special occasion and you can find new sexual energy.